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Meet Our Board Members

Meet the Team

Our team is dedicated to the mission of assisting college students to pursue their dreams. Get to know the people who make Mary E Demps Scholarship Fund what it is. Our team is an unbelievable source of information and we are ready to share our events, activities, and ways for you to get involved.

Mr. J. Vincent Demps

Board Chairman

Vincent serves as the Chairman and is truly a valued member of the Mary E Demps Scholarship Fund family. He is the son of the honoree Ms. Demps and could not think of a better way to honor her memory. Mr. Demps is a Volunteer Community College and Fisk University Alum, current Treasurer of the Fisk Class 1991 Alumni and Memphis Fisk Club. Vincent initiates, organizes, and develops new ways to increase donation efforts while corporate matching contributions.

Ms. Andrea Demps

Board Member

Ms. Demps is a University of Tennessee Alum, who also holds an MBA from Union University. She plays a major role in keeping the organization on task. Ms. Demps is personable and detail-oriented and is instrumental in establishing the initial parameters associated with the scholarships.  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful woman on our team.

Dr. Ray Bennett

Board Member

Dr. Ray Bennett is a former athlete and Fisk University Alum as well as a graduate of Meharry Medical College. He is the founder of Wingard Primary Care in Peachtree City; GA. Dr. Bennett is a keen believer in the power of charity and volunteer work and is committed to changing the world. His dedication and input play a major role on the team. We are happy to have Dr. Bennett as part of the Mary E Demps Scholarship Fund team.

Dr. Fred Garner

Board Member

Dr. Fred Garner is a former Fisk University athlete with a Doctorate degree from the University of Memphis. Dr. Garner is an excellent educational advisor who helps to balance our team. He assists with developing the scholarship parameters and volunteers his time and resources to assist with donations. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Garner on our team.

Mr. Sincere Richards, Esq.


Mr. Sincere Richards is a Tennessee State University Alum and a founding member of Richards and Colburn Law Group, who practices in TN and GA. Mr. Richards volunteers his legal expertise and helps to keep the team together as we work to grow our donation efforts and continue to look at future giving at other universities.

Mr. Tracey M. Thedford

Board Member

Mr. Tracey Thedford is a former athlete and a Fisk University Alum. He holds a master’s degree in Marketing from DePaul University. He is a strong advocate for HBCU enrollment is another valued member of the Mary E Demps Scholarship Fund family. Mr. Thedford as with all our other members helps to establish the parameters of the scholarships and assist with raising donations. We are very fortunate to have Mr. Thedford on our team.

Mr. Darryl Washington

Board Member

Mr. Darryl Washington is a former athlete as well as a Fisk University Alum. Mr. Washington holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from Texas Southern University. He is an advocate for HBCU support. Mr. Washington volunteers his time and assists with donation efforts as well as helps to establish the parameters of the scholarships. We are very fortunate to have Darryl on our team.

Ms. Jacqueline Watkins

Event Coordinator

With a keen belief in the power of charity and volunteer work, Ms. Watkins is committed to changing the world. There really couldn’t be a more dedicated Event Coordinator, and we’re so happy to have Ms. Watkins as part of the Mary E Demps Scholarship Fund team as she is truly a superstar.

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